Which Bingo Game is Right for You?

Which Bingo Game is Right for You?

As the world of online bingo continues to grow – according to the latest figures published by research firm H2 Gambling Capital, global online bingo revenues have now reached over $2 billion – so do the number of bingo sites and bingo games available to players.

While it’s easy to shop around for the right site for you – by checking out what players are saying about sites on forums, taking site tours to see if you like the look and feel, and generally doing a bit of research, it can be harder to compare bingo games like-for-like than it is to compare the sites themselves.

Major bingo sites, like the UK’s leading online bingo destination Jackpotjoy, now offer up more bingo variants than ever before. You’ll always find classic games like Bingo 90 and Bingo 75, but increasingly you’ll find a whole new crop of mini-games, hybrid games and progressive games that you might not be used to.

Classic Games

If you’re new to sites like Jackpotjoy, or to the game of bingo itself, it’s best to stick to basic games until you learn the ropes, the rules and the bingo lingo. This way you can get used to the pace of number calling, and get up to speed with features like online chat, which allows you to chat live to your fellow players as you play. Games like Bingo 75 and Bingo 90 are perfect, as they’re very straightforward – just like the traditional game of bingo you’d play in your bingo hall. The only difference between them is the number of balls used – Bingo 75 uses 75 balls, Bingo 90 uses 90 balls.

Bonus Games

If you’re looking for a little extra from your online bingo games, look out for mini-games and bonus games. Mini-games and bonus games can be played in between bingo rounds, and are often announced by your chat room moderator during the main bingo game. As well as helping you kill some time as you wait for the next round to begin, these games are often included in the price of your original bingo ticket. While the prizes on offer here won’t be as big as jackpot prizes found in the main bingo game, you’ll still have the chance to win free tickets, extra cash, deposit top ups and sometimes free holidays and prize giveaways too.

Character Games

A growing number of major sites now offer tie-in games or themed bingo games. These basically work as a regular bingo game, only you’ll find bonus rounds that run after the min bingo round that give you the chance to win even more, often a progressive jackpot too. These games are perfect for players who are looking for something a little more interesting than a standard bingo game, with plenty of interactive gaming, fun and friendly characters, and quirky sound effects and features to keep the games lively.

Hybrid Games

If you already enjoy other online games like Bejeweled, for example, you’ll now find hybrid games that mix classic bingo with other classic Flash games, to create whole new, unique games to play online, all of which still offer you the chance to win cash prizes. Jackpotjoy offers up Bejeweled Bingo, where you play a round of traditional bingo, then you’re entered into a game of Bejeweled where you can blast your way through the jewels to collect free tickets for games. New games like this mean you get the best of both games, in this case a progressive jackpot to boot, while giving you a fresh take on both games too.

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