Online bingo bonuses

Online bingo bonuses

One of the best benefits of playing online bingo with the likes of Unibetis the bonuses you can receive. From the outset of your virtual quest for riches, you can earn some extra money that will boost your bankroll and give you even more chances to sample the delight of bingo.

A deposit bonus is a cash injection given to you by an online bingo site when you make your first deposit. Usually offering a 100% on your deposit up to a certain amount, these bonusoffers come in two forms: instant cash or bonus cash.

Instant cash bonuses are ones that inject money into your account with no strings attached. For example, if you were able to earn a 100% bonus on a £25 deposit, then you’d get another £25 instantly added to your bankroll.

In contrast, if your deposit bonus was given to you in the form of bonus cash then you’d have to earn points to release the money. The increments at which your money is paid will differ from site-to-site, but in general you’ll release 5% of your bonus cash every time you reach a certain points goal.

Often times online bingo sites will offer loyal players a reload bonus. These offers are usually less than an initial deposit bonus, but they do offer timely cash injections. Working in much the same way as deposit bonuses, reload bonuses give you extra money based on the amount your deposit.

Making extra money in online bingo is entirely possible if you keep an eye out for specific bonuses offered to both new and loyal players.

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