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Casino Tips for WINNING AT SLOTS
1) Divide your bankroll into a number of segments. If your slot budget for the day is $100, you have $20 for each of five separate sessions.

2) Set a loss limit and a win goal for each session. If you started with $20, promise yourself that you’ll quit the session as soon as you’ve lost the $20 or you’ve won $20 or more.

3) If you get five losing spins in a row, move to another machine. Chances are the one you’re on is in a cold cycle, or it’s set for low payback to begin with.

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All machines go through hot and cold cycles. Don’t waste your precious bankroll on “cold” machines. If, after 5 or 6 hands you haven’t hit payouts that come even close to the total you’ve put into the machine, move on.

Supposing you started out with 80 coins, you’ve found a machine that’s in a “paying mood”; continue playing as long as the credits keep building. Watch the meter. Once the count grinds down and is 40 coins below your highest total, cash out.

You’re a true winner if you leave the casino with more money than you came with. The secret lies in quitting when you’re ahead! It’s greed that keeps people at a table or a machine too long. Fight Greed and you’ll get away with the loot more often! Have fun and good luck!
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